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YUMI KATSURA – SS19 „The Elegance Tie“ Couture Collection

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YUMI KATSURA – SS19 „The Elegance Tie“ Couture Collection

The spring-summer 2019 collection is a participation project of “Japonismes 2018” which is currently being held in Paris in commemoration of 160 years of Japan-French friendship. With materials, shapes and motifs of Japanese traditional costumes as subjects, Yumi Katsura will present 28 dresses, which express her own sense of Japonisme.

The highlight is „The elegance Tie“, symbolized by the belt of the Kimono.
Each look is based on the traditional Kimono and from there; the shapes, motifs and embroideries are constructed, with a special focus on the Obi and the elegant way to tie a Kimono. Yumi Katsura gives a new interpretation of layering by mixing the occidental ribbon tie and the Obi, two different ways of playing with it. Kabuki, Ukiyo-e, cherry blossom flowers, Yuzen hand paint and Nishijin textile rhythm the collection that transcripts the traditions of Japan into the modern world.

Yumi Katsura is the first japanese „Couturier“. She joined the Paris Couture Collection since 2003. In 2005, she opened a Paris store, rue Cambon, in front of Chanel headquarters. Since, through collections and shop presentations, she continues to disseminate her works from Paris to the world, stuck to Japanese fashion culture and traditional techniques.