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The Future of Travel


The Future of Travel

In January 2020, I was walking around my favorite City – Singapore. If you would have told me, that this is my last trip for a very long time, I would have never believed.

People keep asking me what it’s like to be a Globetrotter, who can’t travel right now. My answer is that daydreaming about travels past and future — living through old photos and virtual tours of faraway places – is what’s keeping me going.

Whether the destination is near or far, Paris or New York we travel for the same reasons: We want to connect with others, learn about new places and see things we haven’t seen before. That won’t change after the pandemic, but some things will.

Testing, health passports, face masks, cleaning robots, plexiglass dividers — these will most likely all be part of the experience. But travel will change in deeper ways. Many of us have been reflecting on the irony that we traveled to see and experience new things, but often ended up exactly where everyone else had gone, taking the exact same selfies.

What about Business Traveller – now during this pandemic we live in a world with video or phone conferences. No personal meetings are needed. So maybe companies will keep this alive after the pandemic.

When I talk to people now about their fantasy travel plans, they rarely mention famous sights like these; they’re more focused on meaningful experiences, and seeing friends and loved ones.

Now many are booking trips for the latter half of 2021, in anticipation of things being some kind of normal by then. Dozens have told me about the first trips they’ll take when a vaccine is widely available.

As for me, my first post-pandemic trip will be either to Miami or Singapore to visit my friends.

Perhaps the biggest lesson is that instead of waiting 20 years to go on that big trip, go as soon as you can. Why wait for tomorrow when tomorrow could be the start of a pandemic?