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Manish Arora – Paris Fashion Week – Autumn/Winter 2019/2020

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Manish Arora – Paris Fashion Week – Autumn/Winter 2019/2020


Manish Arora’s band of misfits have festival fever for Autumn/Winter 2019. The collection comprises a motley cru of Mad Max bohemians straight out of a dystopian future. Shielded by jewel-encrusted reflective visors, apocalyptic androids sweep through dusty desert landscapes in sandy tones and flame licked floor-length trenches, scrawled with graffiti.

Of course an Arora vision of Armageddon is always going to somehow remain an upbeat experience of rosecoloured hues, sunset oranges and punchy fluoros. Inspiring messages of affirmation emblazon fun-fur sweatshirts and sand stained tees for the holistic Instagram generation: ‘What if this is all real’, ‘I am the one I have been waiting for’, ‘Everything you need is inside you’.

Modern day hippies stalk though swirling sandstorms in classic indigo denim, patch-worked with slogan crests and teamed with 70s psychedelic florals. Art Deco elements nod to the original Charleston party girls – reimagined as futuristic flappers flouting social conventions in bugle beaded scalloped dresses, teamed with fluorescent mesh sneakers and LED backpacks. Layered looks of sporty separates are crowned with protective balaclava-esque hoods and sporty capes, in reflective materials that beam in the cold desert night. Far-flung travellers have gathered into a world tribe – a fusion of Navaho, Indian, Tribal and Americana. Country and Western embellishment and fringes are paired with Native American feathers and peacock prints and topped with tasseled Indian headdresses. Spiritualism rubs shoulders with pop art and Hollywood glamour in optic cartoon prints, swirling psychedelia and sequins.

© Manish Arora – Totem Fashion