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Lufthansa Aviation Training – Home of Pilot Training Excellence


Lufthansa Aviation Training – Home of Pilot Training Excellence

In the Cockpit or Seminar Room


LAT offers 450+ experienced flight instructors, 50+ full flight simulators and 6 training centers worldwide.

Training sessions in flight simulators allow the pilots to master a broad range of situations and potentially even emergencies from the safety of the ground – crucial to acquiring a pilot license or type rating. As a leading provider of aviation training, they offer the largest and most modern fleet of full flight simulators in the region spread across the six training centers in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. With the Dry Lease Training, they enable the pilots to use these highly reliable flight simulators with their own instructors.

Flight Training with Active Pilots

Many factors are key to training pilots effectively. Traditionally, the technical finesse of full flight simulators has taken center stage here. It is LATs opinion that another element is even more important: a trainer who has experienced first-hand what he/she is teaching and who connects with course participants to convey this knowledge. Their close relationship with the airline operations of the Lufthansa Group means many of their trainers are active pilots who combine practical experience with training expertise.

They designed their „Wet Lease Training“ courses to ensure the utmost in learning success. To this end, their experienced instructors are available to the pilots throughout the entire planning and execution phases of the pilot training course. They will develop a training plan tailored to the pilots flight operations.


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