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Flora Miranda – Paris FW19-20 Couture Collection

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Flora Miranda – Paris FW19-20 Couture Collection

Flora Miranda has made it her duty to research the internet and come up with astonishing collections, discussing developments in technology, while developing new technologies herself.

The Antwerp-based Austrian Fashion Designer called her new collection LalaLand.

The collection presents her work-in-progress, the status quo of her research on erotics, machine-learning and the internet. In the progress of developing the collection, Flora Miranda is currently establishing a database for a creative computer, from which the computer can gain information about how different kinds of garments work, how they translate on the body and what they express.

In her upcoming collection, the designer is using a technique based on a tulle-method which allows her to draw cyber-romantic silhouettes.

Unlike in her last collection, not the dresses themselves are computer generated, but some of the patterns on the fabric. There will also be two dresses made of silicone, the material Flora Miranda is known for using.

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