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Dress like a Parisian


Dress like a Parisian

Why are there so many books about French and especially Parisian style? Do they really have that mysterious „je ne Saison quo“? Qui, they do!

Here are seven key qualities that define a Parisian style:

  1. Effortlessness
  2. Elegance
  3. Understatement
  4. Sensuality
  5. Fun
  6. Individuality
  7. Breaking the Rules

Black is the foundation of a Parisian’s wardrobe. It has a reputation for always being elegant and matching everything and it’s perfectly transitions from day to night.

Must-Have blacks: Dress, Flats, Heels, Bag, Tights, Top, Sweater, Jeans and Skirt

White – The purest of all colors. You can accessorize it with natural colors and play with transparency and shapes.

Must-Have whites: Lots of Shirts, Jeans and dress

Beige and Nude are usually considered daytime colors, but they can be used for evening wear if the fabric is shiny. Choose a shade that works best with your skin.

Must-Have Beige: Trench Coat, Cashmere Top, Camisole

Grey has a cool , urban feel, making it the perfect choice for at least pretending that you are a very professional individual.

Must-Have Grey: Shirts, Cashmere Sweaters and Blazer

While most Parisiennes do not have a very colorful wardrobe, some seem to have a sixth sense when it comes to matching colours. To look safe and stylish, I recommend you select main colours that are:

  • Either pale or dark
  • In-between hues (such as yellow-orange, violet-blue
  • Muted and not very intense colours – these can be easier to pair because their contrasts are softer.

Bright Red – is a Parisians’s most beloved accent. It is the magic wand that can turn a so-so outfit into something stylish and full of energy.

Red Accents: Lipstick, Nail polish, Shoes, Bag, Hat, Print detail and Delicate jewellery

The Blazer – La Parisienne and her blazer – a true love story. You can wear it for a dressy occasion as well as for a casual day in the city.

You don’t need to be in Paris to dress like a Parisian not all Parisians dress like one. Dressing like a Parisian is an attitude. It might be something you were born with, or something you learned.

If you haven’t yet, just try, bring some Parisian Style in your hometown.