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Crisis in the Cockpit – Dreamjob Pilot during the Pandemic?


Crisis in the Cockpit – Dreamjob Pilot during the Pandemic?

More than half of the world’s airline pilots are no longer flying for a living amid the plunge in demand during the coronavirus pandemic, according to a new survey, and those that are still flying feel less valued by their employers. For those that have kept their jobs, pilots in Europe reported being the most stressed by COVID-19, with respondents citing the risk of catching the virus, disjointed rules and the possibility of being placed in quarantine during a rotation as among their concerns. A lot of grounded pilots switched their careers during this crisis.

We talked to Airline Pilot and Lufthansa Aviation Training Senior Director Stefan-Kenan Scheib about his big career step from flying an aircraft to a managing position in the company. He made everything right, but years ago.

After he completed the Pilot Training he flew nonstop for almost 10 years. The first step out of the cockpit he took with the position as the chief pilot for Germanwings.

Germanwings was a German low-cost airline wholly owned by Lufthansa which operated under the Eurowings brand. It was based in Cologne.

Of course some setbacks and wrong decisions leaded the way but he climbed the career ladder higher and higher, studied Business Administration and he is now Senior Director at LAT (Lufthansa Aviation Training). Now he is 20% flying and 80% in the office.

The most important question: Do you miss flying? The answer: 100% Yes

Our Analysis on Pilot Hiring Post-COVID-19:

Pilot hiring will recover to 70-80% of previous levels in one year or less – with a two to three year recovery back to the previous levels and beyond.

The return to normal growth will require twice as many new pilots.