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Christian Dior – Designer of Dreams Exhibition – London 2019


Christian Dior – Designer of Dreams Exhibition – London 2019

„There is no other country in the world, besides my own, whose way of life I like so much. I love English traditions, English politeness, English architecture. I even love English cooking.“ Christian Dior

Spanning 1947 to the present day, this exhibition traces the history and impact of one of the 20th century´s most influential couturiers, exploring the enduring influence of the fashion house and Dior´s relationship with Britain.

The most extensive collection of the House of Christian Dior ever compiled has been made accessible to the public by way of a stunning new exhibition at London’s Victoria and Albert Museum.

Comprising over 500 Dior pieces (200 of which are couture gowns and 157 of which are objects that have never been displayed in a museum before), the show traces Christian Dior’s work and obsessions, and showcases the ways in which Dior’s succeeding creative directors have been inspired by his legacy.

Looking at the impact of Dior’s ‚New Look‘ (and how it has been reinterpreted again and again throughout Dior’s history) as well as the house’s relationship with travel, flowers, history and so much more.

Perhaps the most impressive section of the exhibition will be that which celebrates „the fantasy of the ball“. ‚The Ballroom‘ will showcase 70 years of stunning formal evening wear, which is where some of the house’s most famous dresses will be on display in a dramatic light installation.

Vhe V&A’s „Christian Dior: Designer of Dreams“ show offers an otherworldly escape into pure fantasy.

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