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The Future of Travel

In January 2020, I was walking around my favorite City – Singapore. If you would have told me, that this is my last trip for a very long time, I would have never believed. People keep asking me what it’s like to be a Globetrotter, who can’t travel right now. My answer is that daydreaming …


Capri – Italian Dreams

If there is a heaven on earth, its definitely Capri. Capri is beautiful – seriously beautiful. Steep cliffs rise majestically from an impossibly blue sea; elegant villas drip with wisteria and bougainvillea, even the trees seem to be carefully manicured. Long a preserve of celebrities and the super-rich, this small, precipitous island off the west …


Welcome to Miami

Take a number of diverse cultures, add a strong dose of the arts and a splash of ocean water, and you have Miami. Looking at the fantastic art museums and the blossoming gastronomical scene, you might find it hard to believe that just a century ago, this colorful Floridian city was covered in swampland. Once …