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Sushisamba – London City

Do you remember SEX AND THE CITY´s EPISODE 68? NEW YORK, Barrow & 7th, Richard: I ordered you a Dirty Martini. Samantha: Dirty Martini? [Throws drink in his face…] Dirty Bastard. And so it was that Sushisamba – which famously serves a unique fusion of Japanese/ Peruvian/ Brazilian food (and dirty martinis) – quickly became the place …


Backstreet Boys – DNA World Tour – Berlin 2019

The best-selling boy band of all time, the Backstreet Boys are back with their DNA World Tour 2019. For 25 years, the Backstreet Boys, one of the most successful groups in music history, has continually delivered the finest pop music one has to offer, making them one of pop’s most influential performers. With countless #1s, …