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Dress like a Parisian

Why are there so many books about French and especially Parisian style? Do they really have that mysterious „je ne Saison quo“? Qui, they do! Here are seven key qualities that define a Parisian style: Effortlessness Elegance Understatement Sensuality Fun Individuality Breaking the Rules Black is the foundation of a Parisian’s wardrobe. It has a …


The Future of Travel

In January 2020, I was walking around my favorite City – Singapore. If you would have told me, that this is my last trip for a very long time, I would have never believed. People keep asking me what it’s like to be a Globetrotter, who can’t travel right now. My answer is that daydreaming …


Chanel goes Capri

On May 7, 2020 Chanel is taking the Cruise Collection to Capri/Italy. We will see the second cruise collection designed by Karl Lagerfeld’s successor Virginie Viard. It is the first time the fashion house has presented its holiday-focused collections outside of Paris since 2016. “We are very happy to go to Italy, especially to Capri,” Bruno …


The Holy Trinity – Big Three

I´m obsessed with designer bags but today I´m looking at this topic from an investment perspective. What I want to focus on here is WHY and HOW these designer bags make a great investment. The Holy Trinity – Big Three – In fashion, there’s an unspoken rule of the “Big Three” — Chanel, Louis Vuitton …


Sushisamba – London City

Do you remember SEX AND THE CITY´s EPISODE 68? NEW YORK, Barrow & 7th, Richard: I ordered you a Dirty Martini. Samantha: Dirty Martini? [Throws drink in his face…] Dirty Bastard. And so it was that Sushisamba – which famously serves a unique fusion of Japanese/ Peruvian/ Brazilian food (and dirty martinis) – quickly became the place …

Fashion Shows

Flora Miranda – Paris FW19-20 Couture Collection

Flora Miranda has made it her duty to research the internet and come up with astonishing collections, discussing developments in technology, while developing new technologies herself. The Antwerp-based Austrian Fashion Designer called her new collection LalaLand. The collection presents her work-in-progress, the status quo of her research on erotics, machine-learning and the internet. In the …

Fashion Shows

Yolancris Barcelona

Paris FW19 ‘TODAS LAS PRIMAVERAS DE UN INVIERNO’ COLLECTION The Couture FW19 collection presents a hidden, dark, darkly romantic spring with a Gothic touch. Inspired by the stories of Edgar Allan Poe and the illustrations by Harry Clarke and Aubrey Beardsley, the colorful characteristic of the brand gives way to a black and white that …