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Lufthansa Aviation Training – Home of Pilot Training Excellence

In the Cockpit or Seminar Room TRAINING COURSES WITH PASSION AND EXCELLENCE LAT offers 450+ experienced flight instructors, 50+ full flight simulators and 6 training centers worldwide. Training sessions in flight simulators allow the pilots to master a broad range of situations and potentially even emergencies from the safety of the ground – crucial to …


Is it Safe to Fly During the Pandemic?

How safe is flying? Numerous studies on that question have been published in the months since the pandemic brought travel to a halt in March. Many of them suggest that the risk of contracting coronavirus while flying is very low. The air quality on a commercial airliner is actually quite high, with the air volume …


The Future of Travel

In January 2020, I was walking around my favorite City – Singapore. If you would have told me, that this is my last trip for a very long time, I would have never believed. People keep asking me what it’s like to be a Globetrotter, who can’t travel right now. My answer is that daydreaming …


Chanel goes Capri

On May 7, 2020 Chanel is taking the Cruise Collection to Capri/Italy. We will see the second cruise collection designed by Karl Lagerfeld’s successor Virginie Viard. It is the first time the fashion house has presented its holiday-focused collections outside of Paris since 2016. “We are very happy to go to Italy, especially to Capri,” Bruno …


The Holy Trinity – Big Three

I´m obsessed with designer bags but today I´m looking at this topic from an investment perspective. What I want to focus on here is WHY and HOW these designer bags make a great investment. The Holy Trinity – Big Three – In fashion, there’s an unspoken rule of the “Big Three” — Chanel, Louis Vuitton …


Sushisamba – London City

Do you remember SEX AND THE CITY´s EPISODE 68? NEW YORK, Barrow & 7th, Richard: I ordered you a Dirty Martini. Samantha: Dirty Martini? [Throws drink in his face…] Dirty Bastard. And so it was that Sushisamba – which famously serves a unique fusion of Japanese/ Peruvian/ Brazilian food (and dirty martinis) – quickly became the place …